Contract Research

Leveraging the power of genomics in clinical trials requires more than the ability to design and run assays. It requires the expertise to incorporate the resulting data into the study design, reducing the statistical noise caused by genetic variation.

Using information from genomic testing, PGXL provides specific recommendations for patient stratification and dose/dosing schedule modifications that enable optimized trial design and risk mitigation.

PGXL is the functional service provider that can help you plot the most direct path to market.

PGXL Genomic Testing Services

  • Scientific consultation for study design and protocol development
  • Analysis of molecular oncology target genes and genes affecting ADME, including CYP450 genes
  • Custom assay development and validation
  • Data management services
  • Assistance with sample logistics and storage

PGXL Oncology and Anatomic Pathology Services

Tissue Processing

  • Solid tumor analysis
  • Embedding and sectioning
  • H&E staining
  • Tissue curls


  • Immunohistochemistry
  • In situ hybridization

Molecular testing

  • Nucleic acid extraction and genomic analysis from histology samples, including FFPE

PGXL Single Cell Characterization Services

Sorting and recovery of individual cells

  • Live, preserved or fixed cells

Molecular characterization of individual cells and cell sub-populations

  • Gene expression profiling
  • Whole genome amplification from single cells
  • Genotyping

For nearly a decade, PGxl has been helping companies like yours transform drug and device development for the improvement of patient care. If you have questions about contract research, please contact Adnan Masri by phone or email.

Brad Esarey

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