Genetic Testing and Medication Adherence

Research has been published that begins to quantify the value of pharmacogenetic testing. Genomind analyzed data associated with its Genecept assay, determining that patients using the assay had significantly increased medication adherence rates resulting in a cost savings of 9.5% over the four month trial period. This equates to an annual cost savings of $1,827 per patient.

“This is the first study of the Assay assessing its impact on resource utilization and medication adherence.” said Dr. Jay Lombard, Chief Scientific Officer and Medical Director, Genomind. “This study provides real-world observational evidence that the Genecept Assay can lead to increased medication adherence and lower healthcare costs.”

The Genecept Assay is designed to inform response to different psychiatric treatments. It applies to a range of psychiatric conditions including depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, OCD and ADHD.

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