NeXosome™ Technical Details


Recent work characterizing the systematic and purposeful shedding of biomarker-rich microvesicles or exosomes from cancer and other diseased or injured cells into the bloodstream has launched this important new sector in the molecular diagnostics field. NX PharmaGen (NXPG) has developed the NeXosome™ Platform to enable research excellence through the consolidation of core intellectual property, enabling tools, and working relationships with experts in the field.

NXPG’s proprietary NeXosome Platform achieves rapid plasma fractionation and microparticle isolation via patent-pending modified Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC) methods, which are compatible with contemporary proteomic and genomic analytical systems. SEC has been used as a mainstay of viral purification for decades, and NXPG has modified traditional methods to afford high throughput processing, collecting and differentiating high molecular weight void volume and subsequent peaks containing low molecular weight proteins and soluble RNA.   The microparticles isolated in this manner are stable to multiple freeze thaw cycles, and can be shipped for sharing and analytical evaluation of such preparations. Depending upon application, these enriched extracellular vesicle pellets can be further refined using affinity based methodologies to sub-fraction certain particle populations. Uniquely, the NeXosome process produces high yields of RNA and protein content from 1ml of plasma, and features the ability to easily remove serum proteins to allow for evaluation of low abundant proteins as true personalized biomarkers.

The NeXosome procedure features a high throughput process that can be accessed through the NeXosome Center of Excellence, can be deployed as a disposable reagent kit, is easy to utilize, and has been scaled for commercial lab deployment. The downstream processing aspects of the NeXosome technology are even amenable to enhancing other contemporary isolation methods by improving particle and content yield and purity

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