The PGXL Foundation

FoundationGraphic Flat 400The PGXL Foundation Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of research and education in the life sciences. 

The PGXL Foundation provides grants and awards to non-profit organizations pursuing our mission as stated above.

Conditions for award consideration are:

  • Application for Grants or other Awards are sought from applicants by invitation from the Foundation in response to our mandates
  • Projects with multiple Principal Investigators (PI) are acceptable (maximum of 2) with one being designated the Contact PI
  • Typical expenses as needed for the projects are acceptable (including but not limited to salary support); logistical support; travel; equipment, and other items of justifiable need.
  • In case where Facilities and Administration costs are required, we provide a maximum of 8% of total funding (inclusive in total award).
  • Reports documenting funding allocations are periodically required as indicated in each individual award.

For further information contact