PGXL’s Research Makes Saliva Collection More Practical

To make DNA collection easier and less intrusive, PGXL researched and implemented the collection of saliva as a specimen.

While there’s nothing unusual about the use of saliva in DNA testing, the details of collection, transcontinental shipping, and processing into pharmacogenetic data turned out to be kind of tricky — particularly for a lab like PGXL, which is focused on increasing the value of its testing by decreasing both turnaround time and the number of collections that need to be repeated.

Our researchers came up with some good stuff, and Dr. Deanne Pierce presented the results to the Association for Molecular Pathology’s personalized medicine conference. Her “Successful long-range PCR from saliva DNA after removal of PCR inhibitors” documented PGXL’s research.

Dr. Pierce also presented a second poster: “An A to G mutation creates an MspI restriction site in the S (short) allele of the 5-HTT (SLC6A4) promoter region.”

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