Privacy Notification

Prescient Medicine Laboratories is committed to the diligent protection of our patients’ personal information. That includes not only Personal Health Information (PHI) as defined by law, but also unregulated information that might be of use for marketing, promotion or other activities not directly connected with your healthcare.

Prescient Medicine will not disclose, sell, lease or transmit any personally identifiable information about you to any third party not authorized by you to receive that information. (We will, unless you opt out, use de-identified data for statistical research.) We will protect your privacy to the extent the law allows from inquiries both public and private.

In order to maintain data integrity and to assure the privacy of your information, Prescient Medicine will maintain patient data only on HIPAA-compliant servers or files. When transmitted, that data will be encrypted. Prescient Medicine will maintain reasonable physical security measures to protect written communications and logistical documents (e.g., requisition forms). Medical and transaction documents that do not need to be retained will be securely destroyed.

It is important that you, too, take reasonable steps to protect your privacy. Please do not include PHI or other private information in non-secure email. Keep physical documents secure, and destroy what doesn’t need to be saved. If you have concerns about privacy go to for security information and advice. Laboratories are required by law to provide copies of your genetic testing records if you request them. Prescient Medicine strongly recommends that you go over those records with a qualified medical professional. Genetic information is subject to interpretation. You should not discontinue or alter your prescribed medications or dosages based on data provided by Prescient Medicine unless advised to do so by your doctor.