Silicon Biosystems Receives 2013 New Product Innovation Award

Chip 300Silicon Biosystems, whose DEPArray™ is the heart of PGXL’s unique single-cell separation capability, has received the 2013 New Product Innovation Award for Global Single Cell Analysis Platform from Frost & Sullivan. This award recognizes a company that has created an innovative product with superior value-added features and benefits when benchmarked against competitors. The Silicon Biosystems’ DEPArray™ System is the only commercial technology that can isolate single cells with 100% purity, which is necessary to perform accurate genomic analysis of isolated cells. The award summary noted that Silicon Biosystems DEPArray™ and Ampli1™ WGA technologies “…provide a breakthrough within the single cell genetics space and play an important role in addressing the unmet needs of the medical research community.”

PGXL recently added the Silicon Biosystems’ DEPArray™ technology to their upcoming lab. With these new capabilities, PGXL will bring an innovative and more efficient solution for physicians treating cancer patients.

Click here for the Silicon Biosystems press release.

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