Training Pharmacists in Genetics

Sillivan College of Pharmacy 300PGXL Laboratories will provide genetics training for 3rd year PharmD students from the Sullivan University College of Pharmacy. The five-week clinical rotation will provide students with real-practice experience in the use of genetics to guide drug choice and dosing.

“One of PGXL’s missions is to train the next generation of medical professionals,” says Dr. Roland Valdes Jr., President of PGXL. “For these students, pharmacogenetics will be an important dimension of their practice in enabling personalize medicine. We are thrilled, as part of our community engagement, to be able to jump-start their understanding of this important new discipline.”

For more detailed information about the program, CLICK HERE.

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One Response to Training Pharmacists in Genetics

  1. Geneva Chen says:

    Hi I am a pharmacist in Southern California. I am wondering if you have training program for pharmacists.
    Also, do you use PerMIT software in your pharmacogenomics service?

    Thank you!